Theological and Ethical Reflections on Life Sciences and Biotechnologies (English version)


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Guidelines for churches, researchers, and civil society from the Faith and Life Sciences Reference Group of The Canadian Council of Churches

What is the basis for dialogue between theologians, philosophers, scientists, and technologists when it comes to biotechnology? How can Christians make sense of the promises and perils of these technologies and their widespread application?

The reflections contained in this resource are the fruit of over 20 years of engagement by the Faith and Life Sciences Reference Group (formerly known as the Biotechnology Reference Group) of The Canadian Council of Churches on developments in science, technology, information management, and the life sciences: the patenting of life forms and their offspring, faith and genetics, genetic privacy, genetically modified organisms, synthetic biology, human hereditable genome editing, artificial intelligence, stem cell research, technology and the image of God, gene drives, human moral enhancement and other areas of research and application of genetic engineering in plants, animals and human beings.

These guidelines, in coordination with the accompanying Case Studies, are intended to aid theologians, pastors, scientists, students, and people of faith in making sense of the latest developments and discerning the promises and perils of their development and widespread application.

>> We’ve also created a set of Case Studies to animate these Reflections for churches and other groups.

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